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Parrot Creek Video Tours


NOTE: All tours feature my "moving camera" walk-through style

Standard 4-5 min. Real Estate Video Tour: $200 (See Example)

  • Includes 6-8 rooms (up to 1 hour on site)
  • 1-2 exterior pans
  • Walkup approach to front door
  • Simple dissolve edits as needed
  • Music track
  • Web compression to your preferred web video format
  • One month free hosting, if requested, on parrotcreek.com

Special features 4-5 min. Tour: $250-350 (See Example)

  • As above, but including:
  • Special highlights/views of several features
  • Up to 2 hours on site
  • 2-4 exterior pans and shots

Custom filming and editing, etc.: @$100/hr

  • Real estate agent voice-over
  • Filming of neighborhood/shopping/restaurant features
  • Multiple site collages (views of several locations/condos, etc)
  • Titling, captions, graphics
  • Conversion of video to several different formats
  • Use of still photos (active panning & zooming)
  • Complex editing
  • Special lighting set-ups
  • DVD production
  • Other filming and post-production as required


Web Video & Hosting

There are many options now for viewing video on the web, from hosting the file on your own website as a "progressive download" (that's free) to using a video streaming service (usually at least $15/mo.). I can help you decide the best solution for your needs. (You also have many choices for the way the video presents on your site, from an embedded player window to a clickable link that leads to a new page or a pop-up window.)

Here's a list of hosting possibilities:

  • Hosting on my website (parrotcreek.com) @$5/mo.
  • YouTube.com (create your own "channel" for free)
  • Hosting on your own website (using Flash (.flv) files, Quicktime or other)
  • Wellcomemat.com (national real estate video website; prices vary)
  • Other free web video sites
  • Streaming video services (various pricing schemes)


Satisfaction or (most of) your money back!

I worked as a freelance writer and photographer for more than 30 years on story assignments for my editors. Sometimes things just didn't work out and my editor would decide not to buy my work. So he'd pay me a "kill fee", a token amount for my trouble.

If you aren't happy with the work I do for you, I will refund your money, but will charge you a "kill fee" of $30. Fair enough?