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Parrot Creek Productions

Parrot Creek is an independent video production company in Warner, New Hampshire, with a specialty in creating top quality work at reasonable rates that fit the budgets of individuals, small businesses and educational and non-profit organizations.

I'm George Packard, and I founded Parrot Creek in 2003 with the production of two instructional videos for the retail market. During the past several years I've produced three documentary movies, including a feature-length history documentary, and I've continued to work with dozens of clients on jobs ranging from short web video to creating complete video productions for DVD. See Portfolio


With more than 30 years experience in writing, communications and media project development, I can ensure that a particular video piece makes a good fit with your existing communications or advertising. I'll work with you and with the people who develop other media for you to produce video that is conceptually and stylistically integrated with your overall marketing or communications strategy.

In addition, if your video project requires elements such as complex computer generated graphics that I can't offer, I can bring the right people in so that all the elements of your job will meet or exceed your expectations.



What does "top quality" mean?

Gorgeous, crisp, well-edited high-definition (HD) video, of course. But filming is just one step in the process of creating a piece that tells your story effectively to the audience you want to reach.

The craft of creating a top quality video project—whether it's a three minute retail store tour for the web, or a 30-minute info/documentary movie on DVD—depends on close and consistent attention to those crucial elements in a production that separate the masterly from the mediocre. Concept, storyboard, message, style, sound, color, lighting and more.


What about keeping costs down?

Your budget is my budget, whether it's $150 or $15,000. On request, I provide a maximum cost estimate, and if the project takes less time than estimated, I bill only for the actual time spent. But I don't cut corners to cut costs. If you are on a tight budget, I'll work with you to create an effective video that fits that budget. No matter what the project, I ensure that the finished product does its job in the most effective way possible: communicating with your audience in that direct, compelling and engaging way that is the unique power of video.


Does Parrot Creek offer services besides videography?

Services include:

  • event filming
  • footage filming for other editors or producers
  • video editing
  • DVD authoring and duplication
  • web video compression
  • filming for historical or other archives
  • family history interviews
  • graphics and cover design
  • script/copywriting and editing
  • transfer of vinyl records, cassette and VHS tape to CD and DVD.