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Parrot Creek Productions: Portfolio



Business and Non-profit Organizations

Wingdoodle Store Tour

New Hampshire Telephone Museum Tour



Client and Patient Testimonials

Generations Dental Client Testimonial

Magdalen College Admissions Promotion

Spring in Warner, 2009

Soilwell Composter Promotion


Sustainable Building, Energy & Agriculture

Peter Hirst of NE Biochar Demonstrates Biochar

Leveille House, Grafton, NH: Sustainable Building Tour


Real Estate Tours

>>>Real Estate Video Tour Page

Home Tour: Historic Ordway House, Warner, NH 

Bartlett House Real Estate Tour

Restored Victorian, Warner, NH 



Deer Isle Shoreline: Haystack Mtn School of Crafts

High Line Park, New York City


Short Documentary

Gene Ash: Queen Bee Breeder

Cerro Escondido: Community Rural Tourism in Costa Rica

Yorkin, Costa Rica