Thirty years professional experience in communications including writing, editing, magazine and publication production, public relations, marketing, teaching and video production.

Published writing includes more than 100 magazine and newspaper articles and a wide range of informational and promotional materials, manuals, and corporate newsletters.

Video work includes informational and promotional productions for businesses, organizations and individuals, as well as several documentary movies and instructional DVDs for the retail market.



George Packard

My wife Joan and I have lived in Warner, NH since 1979. We raised our children, Morgan and Anna, here, and although they've gone off to work in large cities, we know they carry with them a deep appreciation and understanding of what it takes to make a healthy and vibrant community.

Several years ago I made an historical documentary movie called "This Morning Broke Clear: Warner, NH in the Wake of the Civil War, 1860-1900". Research director Rebecca Courser, a handful of tireless volunteers and I spent two years in the archives of the Warner Historical Society gathering material. We gradually pieced together the story of a community that, despite the cycles of boom and bust in the regional and national economy, continued (and continues) to try to build and improve itself.

I've watched Warner's local economy grow steadily stronger for the 30 years I've lived here, but there have never been many jobs in town that matched my set of skills. Like many of my neighbors, I've had to commute to work over the years, from Hanover to Henniker and Concord and Durham.

I didn't enjoy the daily commutes. But at least I was lucky enough to find work that allowed me to build a strong portfolio of experience in communications and media production—experience that means my clients are hiring both a video producer and a communications professional.

In 1980 I was a key player in putting New Hampshire Public Radio on the air, writing grants for initial funding and then, as program director, designing the original programming and hiring the first on-air staff.

During the 1980s I moved from writing and editing at the New Hampshire Times to working in public affairs at the College for Lifelong Learning and then to New England College where I served as director of public affairs and publications production.

I also began to do more and more freelance writing and publications production in late 1980s for a range of clients from BusinessNH Magazine to Osram-Sylvania and Colby Sawyer College.

From 1990 to 1995 I taught writing at the NH Technical Institute and the University of NH, finished an MA in nonfiction writing at UNH, and did the marketing for Joan Packard Design, my wife's jewelry design business. In 1995 I went to work in Public Affairs at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center as Senior Writer and publications producer.

In 2000 I decided to quit commuting, and my day job, and set up shop as a video producer in Warner. It was a challenging move, bailing out of a steady position to start my own independent video production company, but it's been worth the effort. I love the work and the variety of people I work with and for. I'm still commuting—if you can call flying to Texas (as I did this spring) to do an info/documentary on a wildlife refuge "commuting"—but most of my clients are in the Kearsarge area, and I get up each morning with the good feeling that at last I'm not only living in this community, but working here as well.

—George Packard, 2009